5 Tips for Overcoming Fear Skateboarding

Published: 18th August 2010
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Trying to overcome your fear skateboarding? Are you afraid of committing to your tricks because you think youíre going to get hurt?

Truth is, skateboarding can be a dangerous sport and no matter what youíre going to get hurt at least a little bit Ė like scrapes and bruises.

Although, if you educate yourself on how to safely land your tricks you wonít have to worry about wiping out and hurting yourself so much. Here are 5 Tips for overcoming your fear when trying new skateboarding tricksÖ

1. Work your way up

Donít go big right away. Start with simple tricks first. When you land your easier tricks first you gain confidence and skill that help you land the tougher tricks next.

Itís similar to Tony Hawkís Pro Skater games in the way that you have to land your regular, easy tricks to build up your special meter bar and land your special, harder skateboarding tricks.

2. Wear protective gear

If you donít feel comfortable dropping in for the first time, wear a helmet!

Not only does it protect you, but you feel safe knowing that you won't get hurt. Soon youíll have to confidence to take it off and skate without it, but itís a good thing to have around.

3. Music

Music is a great way to pump yourself up. And if itís song that makes you feel good it will cause you to have more fun while skating, which will also help you stay positive while you practice.

4. Setting

Where you practice skateboarding makes a big difference. Skating at the skate park might make you feel nervous, intimidate or pressured.

Ease up. You want to feel relaxed and at ease while you practice skateboarding tricks. Donít worry about what other skater are doing. Focus on your skills, talents and tricks. Youíll do a lot better this way.

5. Have fun

Go skate with your friends. Have fun trying new tricks. By having fun youíre going to be more relaxed and the fear of falling or hurting yourself wonít be such a major focus anymore.

Focus on having fun learning your skateboard tricks. Focus on the solution, not the problem and be confident in your ability to land any trick you want.

All skateboarders deal with fear, at least on some level. It can hold you back from accomplishing your goals.

Learn the secrets of skateboarding to overcome your fear!

Even though the skateboarding tips here can relieve some of that fear you have of hurting yourself, thereís still much more you should know. 80% of the solution is your mindset and what you believe you can or canít do.

If you want to learn how to truly overcome your fear while you skateboard, learn how to change your beliefs.

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